CEME Night

Offices, Workshops & Classrooms (B1 & D1)

What can CEME offer you?

CEME offers much more than just space, it is a business and education campus that delivers the facilities and support to help your business achieve its goals:

  • Equipment,furniture, IT infrastructure and facilities are all in place, minimising capital expenditure and expensive bills for repairs and maintenance.
  • All costs are fixed across the term of your lease. This removes the potential for surprise bills such as an increase in energy costs. It gives a linear view of costs across your tenure at CEME, enabling easy planning and budgeting in the medium to long term.
  • Your space can be scaled up or expanded when the need arises, enabling you to take on more staff as demand grows.
  • CEME is an independent, impartial charity uniquely bridging the gap between education, industry and the Greater London community. Our established profile, credibility and networks will benefit the professional customer and stakeholder facing image of your business.
  • CEME holds D1 status for colleges and educational establishments offering a ready made modern classroom environment supported by an IT infrastructure with Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) capability.

Download our Office & Classroom Specification Brochure by clicking here

Download our Workshop Specification Brochure by clicking here

For further information please contact Tom Ashby on 0208 596 7050 or tom.ashby@ceme.co.uk

As a long term tenant at CEME, we can say that the office location, standard of accomodation and supoort services availability has proven to be of great value for our business. The flexibility of office space has also been an asset as we have moved internally during our tenancy, again to mutual benefit.
Mike Horan, Express Reinforcements