Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award

CEME has introduced a monthly Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award to recognise CEME employees and front-line contracting staff who make a substantial contribution to the quality of service provided to customers, tenants, students, colleagues and visitors to CEME or have delivered exceptional levels of work performance or exemplified the core values of the organisation. The GEM Award ties in with the principles of World Host our Customer Care Programme and from each month's nominations, one person will be awarded the status GEM Award holder for that month.

The core values of CEME in line with our Spirit of Service are:


CEME is passionate about first impressions. The impact and importance of the CEME environment in cultivating success for our customers is paramount to us. We try hard to be immaculate in the presentation of the CEME campus, our facilities and our staff at all times.

Exceeding Expectations     

CEME aims to impress all of our customers with the service they receive from our staff. We will always try our best to be clear on what we promise to our customers and try even harder to exceed our customers’ expectations of that promise.

Positive Attitude

If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are probably right. (Henry Ford)

At CEME we embrace enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, eagerness for improvement and constructive intent at all times. We strive to employ and work with optimistic colleagues, who use positive language and have a positive outlook.  


A form must be completed for each person you are nominating and these are available either by clicking here or from CEME Reception. On-line Nomination Forms can be sent to the GEM Award email at gemaward@ceme.co.uk. Physical forms can be placed in the nomination box at CEME Reception.

Our 90 person office move to CEME was seamless – we packed up on Friday evening in Stratford and were ready to go on Monday morning in Rainham without a single technical or logistical hitch
Kevin Wotherspoon, Ops Director, Barratt Homes