Business Lessons you wish you knew…

Lessons you wish you’d been taught before starting your business

Experience has to be earnt, but when you decide to go it alone in business you wish you could buy a slice of it.  We all wish we could have an oracle like figure offering advice and luckily at CEME we have business leaders in-house to bounce ideas off.  Some, however, are not so fortunate and here are just some of the lessons entrepreneurs we speak to wish they’d been taught before embarking on their venture:

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all make mistakes in every walk of life and business is just another to tick off the list. How are you going to know what works best for your business until you’ve tried it? Wear your errors like a badge of honour, because all they do is strengthen your resolve and allow you to understand what your business needs to do in order to grow. With failure there comes learning and as long as you take those lessons on board you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Have a plan B

Cash does not often flow freely when you start a new business as you struggle to get clients and understand your true position in the market. Money worries can leave you crippled by self-doubt, but if you can have a simple occupation – say a weekend gig – then you could alleviate a lot of these fears when starting out. By having a regular income from another role you are not admitting that your business is bound for failure but giving yourself breathing space to be successful.

Your business is your life

Switching from being paid by your employer to having to go out and earn every single penny of income yourself is a steep learning curve. Worrying about your business and switching off at 5pm is not applicable anymore. But remember the rewards for working so hard are all yours, nobody else’s, which makes the extra time you spend worthwhile. There can be a difficult balance to find between work and your life, however you must learn to find it.

At CEME, we have expert business leaders in-house to lean on and regular workshops to support businesses across a broad range of issues. Book in a tour of CEME and find out how we can support your business by calling Seb on 020 8596 5192 or emailing

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