East London Tech Circle

East London Tech Circle is a collaboration of businesses in East London who are all invested in technology and digital themes. Our monthly meeting which is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month is designed to act as a platform to help tech-based businesses grow in East London.

Any organisations invested in technology or digital skills are invited to join us including: coders, developers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, technicians, business leaders, etc.

If you’re interested in being part of this event, call the number below otherwise you can see our upcoming Tech Circle events and register your interest.

The evening meeting runs between 17:30-19:30 and runs with the following agenda:

Arrival and Networking over refreshments

Who’s in the room? (30 seconds introduction to establish who is at each event and what skills they bring to the meeting.)

Updates for East London Tech Circle

Round table ThinkTank (A 30 minute digital problem-solving discussion)


For all tech news, opportunities, jobs and updates, join the discussion by utilising the Hashtag #ELTechCircle across all Social Media channels