CEME case study
The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) is a stunning world-class research, business support, skills and education campus located in East London with a focus on supporting the engineering, manufacturing and technology sectors.

The CEME Campus is situated on the A13 in Rainham, close to both Canary Wharf and the M25. Part of a £400m regeneration programme in East London, CEME was established in 2003 to provide skills, create jobs and businesses that are revitalising London’s industrial heartland. CEME is a UK registered charity and part of the London Thames Gateway Regeneration Scheme working in collaboration with public and private sector partners.


CEME identified that whilst the original design of the building was state-of-the-art when it was built, the constant advance of technology offered the opportunity to deliver substantial savings in the energy consumed. With world leading experts in the field of energy efficiency, Crowley Carbon, CEME set out to achieve these efficiencies:

C3 – Carbon Control Centre

CEME have invested in a state of the art ACTIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT system that allows better control and identification of energy consumption that is in-line with building occupancy and use.

The system also allows the facility to adapt its energy consuming behaviour with changes in the environment outside and that means we don’t heat the building on a warm day.

Air Handling Units

All air handling units now operate with CO2 sensors that identify how many people are in each area.

CO2 sensors are linked to the newly installed variable speed drives and that means the building can now speed up or slow down air transfer depending on occupancy levels.


Chilling optimisation now ensures that the facility is cooled to the correct level for its occupants. The environment is now more comfortable and adaptivefor its users.


Operation of the boilers to provide heating has now been brought under the control of the building managements system which allows the heating system to react to outside temperatures. That means no more overheating or overcooling of the building.


Using the technology listed above, CEME has made the following annual energy savings:

Savings achieved:

  • Electrical 787,322 kWh
  • Gas 1,303,200 kWh

CO2 Savings achieved:

  • Electrical 350,736 kg CO2
  • Gas 239,841 kg CO2

Equivalent CO2 savings:

Savings to date equivalent to taking almost 100 cars off the road

And delivery of the project and the implementation of C3 have now identified further savings across the facility which will form the basis for the next phase of activity.

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