How to Convert Leads into Sales

Have trouble closing sales? Take some tips from an industry expert!

About this Event

Research by has found that 79% of all marketing leads – never convert to a sale! This can be for a number of different reasons but five of the most common of these are:

  • The quality of the lead is poor
  • Reacting too slowly to engaging with the lead
  • Employing the wrong methods and frequency of contact for nurturing that lead
  • Using the wrong language and message in your communications
  • Not explaining what the lead does next i.e. using a CTA (Call To Action)

Most of us now use automation to help convert more enquiries that have that have been generated through our digital channels such as websites, social media platforms and paid advertising etc.

Even when we follow these automated processes – we can still end up with a set of cold and unconverted leads. These stubbornly cold leads can be warmed up and eventually converted but a proven sales process is needed, to do this effectively.

In this workshop, understand what basic process to use for generating, nurturing and converting more leads. Also find out what the difference is between inbound and outbound leads as well as the science behind effective lead nurturing and conversion i.e. cadence.

Take the lead when it comes to converting more of your leads and this workshop will help you do just that!

Paul Durrant is the founder of PDT Sales Consultant and a fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, who has over twenty-five years’ experience in sales. Paul provides professional sales consultancy coaching and training to help small business owners’ grow their business and develop their sales people.

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