Curious about Cash Flow?

We recognise that every business is different, but all companies can benefit from some professional guidance from time to time, especially when starting out. At CEME Centre, we’re proud to offer a variety of support services.

On Wednesday 17th October we will be joined by renowned business coaching and support firm, Pro-actions Ltd, for a free seminar about Cash & Profitability. The seminar is focused around providing advice and insight about a variety of topics, including:

  • The importance of pro-active financial management as part of business success
  • Trends and common causes of cash flow problems within a new business
  • How to identify issues within your company
  • Effective ways to improve the management of your company’s cash flow

Designed to help success within your business, the seminar will enable you to identify opportunities for your company to improve. Pro-actions Ltd will guide understandings about financial aspects of a business and identify key issues that may arise and how to solve them.

Jim Price, CEME’s Incubation Manager said: “Helping businesses grow and succeed is a priority for CEME and we run an extensive programme of events to support businesses, both based at CEME and in the wider business community. Cash flow is central to every business and this seminar is intended to help people drive their business forward and ensure that Cash & Profitability is not a concern for their business.”

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