How to Effectively Negotiate in Business

Negotiating in business can be a daunting task- learn how to do this effectively in this short-course

About this Event

Every aspect of our lives, both at home and in work, involves negotiating with others – whether that be getting the kids to go to bed on time or asking the boss for a pay rise.

Negotiating is especially important in sales, but effective negotiation is a real skill – which can thankfully be learned.

In this workshop, learn about the basics of how to negotiate effectively with prospects and clients alike – as well as other people that you might interact with in your daily life.

Distinguish between true and false objections and how to answer these as well as picking up on body language and buying signals. Learn about how to deal with different personality types as well as how to engineer a win-win situation for both negotiating parties.

The more skilled you are as a negotiator – the more successful in life and business, you will be. This workshop will help you take your negotiating skills and success to the next level!

Paul Durrant is the founder of PDT Sales Consultant and a fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, how has over twenty-five years’ experience in sales. Paul provides professional sales consultancy coaching and training to help small business owners’ grow their business and develop their sales people.

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