ESI Group

ESI Group creates virtual prototyping software that simulates a product’s behaviour during testing, manufacturing and real-life use. The software is used to evaluate the performance of proposed designs with the goal of identifying and eliminating potential flaws.


Technical Director, Dr Jez Smith, decided to secure dedicated office space for the whole team, as “Working with computer simulation, we needed a more reliable place to host our IT network,” he says. “It was also important for us to interact with each other directly rather than over the phone.”


CEME Innovation Centre provided the “perfect base” to develop the business. Jez explains: “We were attracted to the secure, comfortable office space which is within easy reach of London airports – this is vital for us due to the international nature of our work.

“The IT infrastructure is also excellent and ensures we can always stay in touch with our teams around the world.”


He adds that the reasonable cost of the CEME offices was one of the deciding factors for the move, as was the flexibility to expand and contract the rented space

as required. “Having control over your costs is extremely important for a service business like ours, where the demand for work fluctuates,” he says. “This combination of good location, high quality resources, good IT infrastructure and flexible offices seems unique in the London area.”

The CEME Campus

A hidden gem within the industrial landscape, the CEME campus offers a haven for training and education to manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses. Purpose built on a 19 acre site in Rainham, East London, the campus has everything your business needs to develop and thrive.

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“CEME is a gem of a business campus just off the A13 – their offices and facilities are first class and we were delighted with our 6,500 sq ft unit.”

Kevin Wotherspoon
Operations Director, Barratt Homes