Business Lessons from the Rise of Amazon


Business Lessons from the Rise of Amazon

Give up? Never.

Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, forges ahead through criticism and difficulties. His vision was to offer the customer the best solution at the best possible price. But to get to the largest online store on Earth, we will have to retrace our steps along a truly winding path. Miles of scotch tape, doors used as desks, mountains of dollars gone up in smoke… Amazon had to fight tooth and nail before triumphing. Guided by Bezos’ unwavering will, we will see how Amazon can bring everything you desire straight to your home. And it can be done today.


Andrea Dotti, Founder of Companies Talks will be presenting and leading the discussion after the viewing.

  • 10 mins – Welcome
  • 40 mins – the History of Amazon, it is a video shared via Zoom or another web conferencing platform.
  • 20-30min – live debriefing conducted by collecting comments and thoughts from the participants.


Featuring: Valerio Ricci
Director: Tiziana Sensi
Script: Tiziana Ragni

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