East London Tech Circle: Scale up for start-ups


A regular free meet-up event designed to support tech entrepreneurs and grow digitally focused small businesses.

The aim of the network is to connect tech businesses with each other and educational organisations to enable better quality referrals in the local tech community. We pick a topic each month as a basis for a roundtable discussion to get the ball rolling.

This month, Paul Vousden, business growth specialist, from Corporate Counsel, presents key insights and tips for start-ups on how to scale up their companies and become a major force in their sector. He will cover areas such as:

• The importance of a plan, no matter how basic
• Generating sales, the lifeblood of any business
• Being bold and ambitious
• Building a strong team
• When and how to attract investment
• Founders should know their strengths and weaknesses
• Systems support growth
• People management
• Governance – a board of directors will help you grow

Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur and started, built, and sold two businesses, before becoming a business scale up specialist. He works with companies in a hands-on way to drive growth and ensure that business owners stay on track to achieve bold ambitions. He also helps business owners that want to exit by finding suitable buyers and ensuring maximum value from the sale.

He is currently working with two early-stage tech companies where he is a NED and helping to spearhead their global growth.
In addition to working with start-ups and established companies Paul gives Master Classes at the University of East London to business studies students.

Any organisations invested in technology or digital skills are invited to join us including: coders, developers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, technicians, business leaders, etc.



Arrival and Networking over refreshments


Who’s in the room? (Quick introductions from all attendees)

Roundtable discussion – “How to scale up from start up”

18.30- 19.00

Networking for anyone who wishes to stay a bit longer


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