East London Tech Circle


A regular free meet-up event designed to support tech entrepreneurs and grow digitally focused small businesses

The aim of the network is to connect tech businesses with each other and educational organisations to enable better quality referrals in the local tech community. We pick a topic each month as a basis for a roundtable discussion to get the ball rolling.

About this event:

Ed Clarke, UK and European patent attorney at IP21 is sharing a presentation on Intellectual Property Law and we will be discussing issues around IP law in tech.

Pretty much every business has IP, whether it be the name of your company or a new process you’ve developed and it’s always good to be aware of how to protect it as early as possible.

Anybody who is working in any field of innovation, or has questions about their own potential IP, or is just curious about IP in general should come along. We work with clients in a wide range of sectors and businesses of all sizes, from individual inventors and startups to larger firms. We’re always happy to talk through your questions and keen to chat with anyone who is interested in IP.

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