Financial Resilience for SMEs: Financial practices to drive growth and profitability post pandemic


This webinar will examine the key financial practices that business owners can benefit from most as they rebuild and try to balance costs with growth.

About this event

Resilience is about the ability of a business to adapt, survive and be successful in face of events that are predictable as well as those that are unpredictable.

Ultimately, the healthier your business is today the better you will fare through uncertainty. Resilience is needed across all aspects of our business, from people to technology, customers, and operations, and of course financial performance.

As we emerge from the pandemic with cautious optimism, there is no doubt that SMEs have made huge strides forward with the way they collate and review financial information about their business, and in so doing are able to make better informed, faster decisions that are helping guide recovery.

In this session we will explore:

  • Why robust management accounts matter
  • Cash flow forecasting and the value of the information this delivers
  • Break even points and the effect reducing margins have on them
  • Pivoting your business and assessing the most profitable opportunities when limited resources are available

About Haines Watts

Haines Watts is a Top 15 UK firm of chartered accountants and business advisors who specialise in advising and supporting business owners. Our Essex practice has supported local businesses for over 30 years. In addition to providing clients with routine audit, accounting and tax advice, over the past year we have helped many businesses of all sizes put in place more robust financial reporting systems, cash flow modelling practices and extract better management information to drive decision making.

Daniel Rose is a partner in our Hornchurch office. His focus is on helping his clients make confident business decisions, backed by strong financials so that they are able to achieve their long term business goals.

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