How To Get More Business From Social Media


For business owners and those responsible for marketing who want to learn how to increase engagement on social media.

About this event

How To Get More Business From Social Media

If you’re struggling to get engagement and sales through your social media, this event is for you. Your social media should be delivering a return on investment, helping you to grow your network and bringing you prospect customers, without you needing to spend all day posting.

In this practical session, you will discover:

• How to identify your ideal client

• Where to find them online

• Which social media platforms will work best for your business

• How to create a simple social media strategy quickly and efficiently

About the presenter

24fingers are a Brentwood social media agency and a proud member of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. We help companies who are all fingers and thumbs with their social media grow their business and brand.

Whether it’s getting more leads from social, increasing brand awareness or engaging with your customers, our fingers can help add extra digits to your bottom line.

We work with start-ups and companies both big and small, as well as individuals who need a helping hand navigating the ever-changing world of social media. We know how difficult it can be for businesses to keep up with all the algorithm updates.

Coming from a copywriting and publishing background, our expert team of content creators also know just how powerful great content can be. Just ask the 26 million people who saw our ‘Nostalgia’ campaign for one of our clients. That was achieved without spending a penny on paid advertising too.

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