Webinar: Communicating Remotely for Success


This highly interactive online workshop will help facilitate and improve communication with your team remotely as well as in person.

About this Event


Interactive 90 minute zoom workshop designed for Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders to engage, communicate and manage their teams remotely to stay motivated and achieve results. This online workshop will help facilitate and improve communication with your team remotely to manage and achieve results.

Key Benefits

Working remotely is always a challenge. By communicating and understanding your team needs brings benefits to both the individual and the organisation. When your team are happy, healthy and engaged in their work, they are more likely to meet their goals and help you meet yours.


  • Popcorn Pulse – Positive thoughts for the day
  • Clarity 4D Personality Profile – How to understand and communicate with each other
  • Workplace Stress – Identifying and managing workplace stress
  • 4 A’s of Motiv-Ation – How to stay positive and motivated
  • Getting the Job Done – Working together to achieve results
  • Stay Connected – Top tips to help you and your team thrive

Delegate Testimonials:

“Thanks very much for your time last week. It was a fun and insightful look into my psyche” Steven Oldham – Regional Sales Manager – Northstone

“Angela Just a quick note to thank you for your Communicating Remotely For Success Workshop – I will work on the advice you gave me and also has a result of the workshop will be able to read and adjust my behaviour towards those who have a completely different personality than my own, thank you – Peter McCarrick Area Sales Manager – Northstone



To gain maximum benefit from the workshop at a cost of £50 per person you can complete a questionnaire and receive a personal profile that will help you to understand your own style and behaviours. Personality profiles can be used in all different types of situations including team building, appraisals and performance management, sales training and customer service.

Clarity4D personality profiles help individuals to understand how others perceive them, discover self-awareness and develop their full potential. It will also help them to understand how they can develop their relationships with customers, staff and suppliers.

Would you like to know when you are at your best and how you can develop and improve your relationships with those around you?
Learn more about yourself and others perception of you by completing the online questionnaire and receiving your own tailored personality report.
It’s simple to understand, affordable for all budgets, and effective at getting results.

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Details of your tutor:

Angela Kimberley has over 30 years of working with individuals and new and growing businesses and delivers a wide range of training courses to suit your business needs.

Over the years Angela has developed a niche in personality profiling encouraging personal development and motivation to deliver results. To find out more www.angelakimberley.co.uk

Email: contact@angelakimberley.co.uk

Phone: 07814 883380