Webinar: Make Your Business More Resilient


Sales and training consultant, Paul Durrant will be holding this very informative session intended to make your business more resilient.

About this event

The Covid pandemic has impacted all business types, but some have fared better than others. Was this down to luck or did they have greater levels of resilience and better business continuity planning?

Business resilience management is all about identifying risks and then mitigating those risks to help reduce their impact on your business operation.

Find out more about this crucial subject with this FREE ‘How to make your business more resilient’ webinar, presented by award winning Consultant Paul Durrant and hosted by CEME. Book your place now and be better prepared for the next inevitable major economic shock!

You’ll learn the process for identifying which risks will have the most impact on your business and then how to mitigate them with an affective business continuity plan.
Resilient businesses are better placed to survive an economic shock such as Covid and ride out a resulting uncertain market. In this training session attendees will learn the following:

  • Knowing your business goals
  • Business continuity planning
  • Controlling & influencing outcomes
  • Seeking opportunities where there is change
  • Keeping a balanced perspective

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