Gateway to Skills

To create the engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and business minds of the future, the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors need to encourage and inspire the next generation.

CEME launched its Gateway to Skills Centre way back in 2006, an initiative promoting science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects to primary and secondary school children.

Offering unparalleled access to high-tech equipment and teaching resources, Gateway to Skills is all about making young people aware of the exciting jobs available in the manufacturing sector. It also gives them hands on experience of some of the latest technology including 3D printing, rapid prototyping, robotics, coding, augmented and virtual reality. 


The Gateway to Skills Centre at CEME is a tailor-made resource for teaching and learning focused on design & technology, engineering and creative arts. Available for primary and secondary schools in East London, the facility comprises:

  • State-of-the-art design classroom equipped with rapid prototyping/3D printing equipment
  • Teaching aids – interactive boards, projectors, etc.
  • Robotics equipment
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality facilities
  • Coding and programming software
  • Teaching staff.

Benefits of using the Gateway to Skills Centre include:

  • Inspiration of the designers and engineers of the future
  • Improved grades and learning outcomes with a unique team teaching approach to learning
  • Creative design led pedagogy which exemplifies best practice in design & technology and gives students the skills they require for UK Industry of the future
  • Demonstrable improvement in student residuals for those attending the centre
  • Improved productivity and pace
  • Greater staff/student ratio in the Centre allows individual support to progress
  • Experienced Centre staff ensure production of designs completed at pace
  • In addition the Gateway to Skills programme has been proven to improved economic wellbeing via Clear progression routes into apprenticeships, employment or further education.

For further information please contact Sebastian Coombs on 020 8596 5192 or email

Sponsorship Opportunties for Businesses

Do you want to get your brand out there in a fun way, or engage with employees of the future?

Gateway to Skills is an innovative initiative based at CEME in Rainham, providing a vital link for schools in the promotion of science, engineering & technology subjects and careers to help young people make the most of the opportunities in the Thames Gateway.

We run a series of classes (taster days) for school children at our world-class Gateway to Skills Centre, to immerse them in all things design and technology.

This opportunity allows your company to forge a unique link with education. Sponsorship could be purely monetary and your brand would be displayed within the Centre and for PR opportunities. Alternatively, you might wish to get really involved and offer support in other ways too – links with your staff to the students, visits and talks or project ideas.

Sponsorship offers a unique chance to interact with your recruits of the future and to assist in teaching them the right skills for business. If you really want to “do something” about the future of your business and UK business, then here’s your chance!

To talk about your involvement and see a menu of taster day activities, please contact Sebastian Coombs on 020 8596 5192 or email


We nurture and develop businesses based in the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors. From budding entrepreneurs, to SME’s and even multi-million pound international companies, at CEME we want to see you succeed.

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