How important is social media for business success?

In today’s digital landscape, with new technology, apps and social networking channels in development every day, the way that the world communicates is changing. This affects us on a personal level, affording us more options for how we stay in touch; but this also has a notable effect on consumers and the way they engage with businesses.

Promoting a business brand on social media has quickly become an essential part of any company’s marketing plan. With more than 2 billion worldwide users on Facebook, 1.5 billion users on YouTube and nearly 330 million active Twitter users, it’s more important than ever for businesses to claim their piece of the social media landscape. With such monthly user numbers, harnessing social media to boost awareness of your company’s services has the potential to unlock access to a huge audience. Not only this, but savvy use of social media and engaging content can increase website traffic and drive conversion rates, even if you only reach a small demographic at first.

Direct communication with your audience on this level is a powerful tool for generating consumer interest, but engaged online customers are themselves a keen resource for helping to expand your company’s reach. Positive experiences with your brand encourages likes, shares and recommendations, this is especially true of visual content – all of which serves to generate both new and repeat business. And what’s more, an increasing proportion of users are accessing their favourite channels on mobile devices, giving your businesses the opportunity to reach people anytime, anywhere.

While choosing social media as a marketing tool presents ample opportunity for business growth, it’s important for a business to carefully consider their strategy to truly reap the benefits available. Identifying your target audience is integral to choosing the most appropriate channels to utilise, while committing to your company’s message and relaying it using a consistent ‘voice’ increases your brand’s credibility. And given the fast-moving environment online, we recommend a business consider the time and resource needed to actively manage a social media presence daily.

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