Introduction to Social Media and Content Planning

Social media presence is nothing without engaging content to share through it. Great content is worthless without ways to spread them to reach your target audience. Content and social media are inextricably connected topics which is why this practical workshop deals with them together.

During the 2 hours we are going to take a bird’s eye view of currently popular social media platforms and the type of content best suited for them, get you started on your content strategy based on your target audience’s interest.

Content rundown:

  1. What is social media (marketing)?
  2. The top 6 most important social media channels, demographics, new features and changes in 2018
  3. Strategy for social media and content
  4. Behaviour and tone of voice
  5. Visual language
  6. Topics and themes
  7. Skills
  8. A recap of personas and social listening
  9. Exercise – Worksheet provided to think through what their different personas may be interested as well, which channels and formats to use
  10. The first piece – how to get started and where to get ideas
  11. Measuring ROI
  12. How much time to spend?