CEME set to reach hyperspeed


We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and strive to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies to enable our tenants to keep up with the demands of modern business life. With that in mind, the future of broadband is on its way to CEME!

We’re thrilled to soon hit new levels of ultra-fast internet capability with gigabit connectivity shortly to be installed across the CEME campus – and we’re lowering our tenants’ internet costs, to boot!

Gigabit connectivity represents the very latest in internet technology, promising connection speeds of up to 1,000mbps to deliver unrivalled coverage and new heights of download/upload, browsing and streaming capabilities. That’s up to 40 times faster than a typical home connection – imagine the impact that can could have on your business.

The result of increased speeds and faster load times on the productivity levels of your business day-to-day speaks for itself, to say nothing of the opportunities to streamline your procedures. Helping make video conferencing connectivity issues a thing of the past and making it a doddle to stay on top of website maintenance, the installation of gigabit speeds is set to increase efficiency for the whole CEME campus.

The installation is planned for the upcoming weeks – keep an eye out on our website and on social media for updates.

If you’re looking for the right base in Havering to develop your business at a rapid pace, the CEME campus is for you! Contact us today by calling Seb on 020 8596 5192 or emailing seb.coombs@ceme.co.uk to discover how we can support you.