Covid-19 Workplace Safety at CEME Campus


“I must say the campus is looking rather like an oasis. A retreat for recovery from COVID-19, it is calming and beautiful.”

Sheila Singh, Founder and CEO, London School of Academics

CEME has reviewed its current COVID-19 control measures in light of the UK Governments latest guidance. As from the 19th July legal restrictions have been lifted, all businesses can open and the government is longer instructing people to work from home. The extensive roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine across the UK has allowed for an easement of restrictions as they are significantly reducing the link between infections and severe disease and death.

CEME still has a legal duty to manage the COVID-19 risks to the business and its stakeholders, and in-line with government guidance, has updated its COVID-19 risk assessment. The following sets out the latest COVID-19 control measures across the campus.

  1. Face coverings are no longer required by law. However, the government expects and recommends that people continue to wear face coverings in crowded, enclosed spaces. Therefore face coverings are compulsory in the CEME café and all CEME toilets – face coverings are no longer required in the common areas of its buildings which includes corridors and the main building Street areas, where 2m social distancing continues to be in force.
  2. It is no longer a legal requirement for venues to request individuals to check in, though it is still encouraged to help stop the spread of COVID-19, therefore QR codes are still displayed throughout the campus to allow people to check in.
  3. 2m social distancing remains, along with one way systems, one person to a lift and hand sanitisation measures.
    COVID-19 control measures will be reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change as long as the virus threat continues. Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. You should stay cautious to help protect yourself and others.

Stay Safe!

CEME hope you and your close ones keep safe and well throughout this Pandemic and are here to support your business during this challenging time.  If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any of the above further please contact Seb Coombs on commercial matters, or Paul Johnston in relation to facilities. (Commercial) (Facilities)