Tips for Optimising your LinkedIn Profile for Business


LinkedIn has 27 million users in the UK and is growing rapidly! LinkedIn is effectively becoming our work-life Facebook! So how can LinkedIn help your business?


Emma Goode, founder of 24fingers, recently delivered a fantastic business support course on optimising your LinkedIn profile for business.
24fingers is a Brentwood social media agency and a proud member of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. They help businesses use social media to grow their business and brand.

Treat your company page as a shop window

When making your company profile, ask yourself: who are we? where are we? and what do we do?
When your customer opens your profile, they make their first impression and then decide if they think you can help them. Your company introduction is where your potential customer decides if they want to look any further. Your profile must be sharp and eye-catching.
Your profile must include your company name, logo, location, call-to-action link to your website, a banner and a snappy summary of your business. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes; what would you like to see?
Here is an example of our company profile:


“About Us” Page

When creating your company page, you have an option to write a section
In the ‘About’ section you should include:
• An overview of your company
• Website URL
• Industry
• Company size
• Company type
• Phone number
• Location
• Year founded

These are all important for showing that you are a legitimate and trustworthy company.

Create relevant and engaging LinkedIn Posts

Social media is a great way to promote the services or products you have to offer. Before you start publishing content on LinkedIn, ask yourself who your target audience is?
Did you know LinkedIn posts with images get 2x higher engagement? To outsmart the LinkedIn algorithm you should always create eye-catching content with original images. Including an image will help your updates stand out. Images result in a 98% higher comment rate.
A key to LinkedIn marketing is consistency and variety! You can’t expect good engagement if you post once a fortnight. Using social media marketing software such as Buffer or Hootsuite helps keep consistency. Varied content may be difficult to find but a great start to adding variety to your LinkedIn is by going live, publishing articles, blogging, videography, or piggybacking on trends.

Optimise your Personal Profile

Your personal profile is where you create a relationship between you and your customer. Your profile should be engaging and informative to help your customer journey.
At the top of your LinkedIn profile you have your header image and a profile image – these are your sales banners!
It is important that your LinkedIn profile photo is a headshot or a professional image as your profile is 40% more likely to be clicked on if you have a professional image. Your header image is placed behind the profile photo and it should be somewhat related to your company, for example, a photo of the building.
In your name section, a way to drive more attention is by having your “First Name” section as your full name and your “Second Name” as your job title.

This means that when people search for your name, the job title comes up too! It is a great way to increase traffic to your personal profile.

There are 740 million users on LinkedIn worldwide so what makes you or your business any different? The “About me” section is where you can add a detailed description about yourself and your career journey. Building a relationship with your customers is key to a great customer journey and showing your personality will create a great first impression.

24fingers help companies who know their stuff but who are all fingers and thumbs with their social media.

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