Top Tips for Marketing Success!


As a startup business customers are key and one of the best ways of gaining enquiries for your product/service is through marketing. There are various marketing techniques that you can use to promote your business. When creating content online, here are some important steps to ensure you develop your online reputation and gain recognition for the products you are promoting.

1. Post consistently…

When starting on a social media platform, you need to post consistently on a daily basis so that your page stays relevant. You want people to remember you, and the best way to do that is by regularly uploading posts which promote your products and remind people of why your business is going to be beneficial for them!

2. Get your Social Media right…

On e-marketing platforms you need to make sure that all of the posts you upload are aimed at the right demographic audience for that specific social media platform. For example LinkedIn is a more of a business platform, so the posts you upload should be more professional, in comparison to the posts for twitter, they should be more light-hearted and fun because the platform is a lot less formal.

3. Your posts should always be interactive and interesting for your audience.

The post should include content such as: videography, photography or animations to grab the reader’s attention! Posting loads of text may not be as engaging.

4. Know your market!

What are your competitors doing to engage their audiences? Keep competing organisations on your radar to ensure that you’re ahead of the game!

5. Always produce original and interesting content!

Your posts should always include your own images as you are showing the audience exactly what you offer! Original imagery is much better than reusing stock images as you will be better managing your customers’ expectations from your products or services.

6. Make sure that you always measure your marketing success…

For example, when you upload content onto your social media platforms or website you should measure the impressions and engagements on that post or blog. The reason is that in order to develop your online marketing you need to compare posts to see what works so that you can improve. Analytics can be used on websites and social media platforms and are extremely important for improving and developing your marketing. You may find that one social media platform produces better outputs than others at which point you can choose which platforms you’d prefer to concentrate your resources on. Programmes such as Google Analytics are invaluable for businesses.

7. Don’t write off traditional marketing such as posters, flyers and brochures…

When used in conjunction with e-marketing platforms these can be extremely powerful tools to helping you to promote to audiences, but once again, be sure to constantly measure the success of the initiatives.

8. Word-of-mouth is perhaps the most effective marketing resource at your disposal…

People trust their friends, family and colleagues and a good review of a product or service can go a long way. These reviews may not be formalised like a TripAdvisor review, but instead just a good word about your business to a friend over a cup of tea. It may be worth your time incentivising referrals, i.e. A voucher to any referee. If you’re market if B2B (Business-to-business) it’s also worth getting out there any making connections. CEME offers a free networking event on the first Friday of each month, details here:

9. You should ALWAYS ask for feedback!

Find out: Why they chose your business? Where did he or she hear about it? What are the positive and negatives of being your customer? With all this information gathered, you are able see how your customers are feeling and receive feedback. You can use the feedback to develop your product or service and gain a better understanding of what your customer wants.

10. Pick up the phone!

Finally on of the most effective marketing techniques is just to engage with your existing customer base. This shouldn’t be a sales call, but you’ll be amazed how far a short, friendly call or email can go. This will work as a reminder of you and your product or service and may remind them that they require or product or service that you can supply!