Why I wear the tie…


On the way home from work yesterday I popped into a well-known retailer of suits and smart wear. I found a new shirt and tie that I liked and took them to the till. The woman behind the till totalled up the cost, which caused my jaw to drop as it much cheaper than I usually expect to pay in this particular retailer. Being the honest chap that I am, I asked the vendor whether the price was correct and to my surprise, she told me that it was.

“There is a huge sale on smart wear at the moment as have seen a huge drop in demand due to the pandemic.”

A great deal of those working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic are office workers, office workers who have decided to swap the suit and tie for an outfit much more casual. (You will notice that no one is wearing a tie on Zoom!) Eight months into lockdown, suddenly there has been a significant plummet in demand for these clothing items. It makes sense.

At this moment, I thought back to one of the CEME Values that are incorporated into everything we do. Presentation. Whilst it’s certainly more comfortable to choose a less formal look, I certainly prefer to wear a suit and tie and here’s why…

The change in outfit defines when I am at work at when I am at home. As soon as I get home and take off the suit, I cease to be CEME Commercial Director and once again become Dad. It’s great to draw that line in the sand. I found this tremendously difficult to achieve whilst I was working from home in April and May. The days merged into one-another and I never got that Friday feeling. I found my wife asking me to wash the occasional dish or change the occasional nappy, because it “would only take 5 minutes.”

Whilst (despite what my wife may say) I’m not one to shy away from sharing the household chores, it’s also distracting.

It appears I’m not alone in needing this separation in my life as when the second National lockdown was announced for November 2020, I was inundated by customers asking:

“Please tell me you’re staying open? I can’t work from home!”

Of course we are. The whole Campus is open and operational throughout the second National lockdown, helping to keep our members customers motivated and focussed.

If you have been working from home since March and you are ready to dust off the suit and tie, give me a call and let us help you to draw that line in the sand between work life and home life once again.


Seb Coombs

CEME Commercial Director