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quick link
Quick Link is an IT consultancy that provides business intelligence and software testing services to banks and insurance companies. They specialise in integrating the latest
technology with companies’ existing systems and software to create bespoke solutions that solve specific business issues.


Quick Link found their previous office company to be expensive and a little inflexible when it came to the extra business services provided. Quick Link wanted to be able to pick and choose what support services they needed in response to staff and business requirements at the time.


Having heard about the wide range of business advice services that we offer, Quick Link came to CEME Innovation Centre and have now been able to tailor the available support and advice services to fit their exact needs, with a flexible rolling contract so they know they’re not obliged to continue using a service if it’s no longer needed.


Director of Quick Link, Manish Mittal, comments: “CEME Innovation Centre are more involved in assisting the growth of the companies based with them; they contribute to their success. Small companies need marketing, HR and finance functions, but perhaps not all the time. At CEME Innovation Centre, you have access to support services as and when you need them and that makes it very affordable.”


Business Help and Support

We offer help and advice to business’s working in the manufacturing, engineering technology, specialist construction and intelligent transport sectors, within East London and the Thames Gateway. Business support is offered on a one-to-one basis, and in groups through seminars and workshops.

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We have been very fortunate to benefit from management training sessions, meeting other start-up enterprises and having access to workshop facilities at CEME, as well as receiving advice on raising capital and daily support from the CEME team.

Andy Brand
Technical Director (UK), Squease