Selling- For People Who Don’t Do Sales!

There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to sales. Find out how to sell effectively!

About this Event

CEME is delighted to have Sales coach and mentor Paul Durrant from PDT Sales Consultancy deliver a fantastic course for the local business community.

Sales, like most other critical business functions, benefits from having a system in place. Most businesses get ad-hoc sales results because they sell in an ad-hoc manner but applying some proven strategy, process and technique – will help bring more consistency to your sales.

Whether you are a confident type or not, being more systematic in your approach with sales will also help you close more deals, retain more customers and grow your business faster.

In this workshop, learn about the basic steps of the sale and the importance of having a proper sales plan. Also learn how to apply some selling technique by using several proven sales methods.

If you want to bring some order to your selling chaos and improve your sales confidence – then this workshop is for you!

Paul Durrant is the founder of PDT Sales Consultant and a fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, who has over twenty-five years’ experience in sales. Paul provides professional sales consultancy, coaching and training to help small business owners’ grow their business and develop their sales people.

Free refreshments and networking opportunities will both be available at this course.