Squease is a unique company making an award winning, extremely unique product. With help from prototyping facilities at CEME Innovation Centre, Squease developed a ‘vest’ that can be hidden away inside clothing and inflated with air by the wearer during moments of anxiety to create a calming pressure to the upper body.


Squease were based in an office in Dalston that was small and there was no production and prototyping equipment, which was desperately needed in order for them to develop and experiment with new variations of the Squease product.


CEME Innovation Centre was an obvious match for Squease’s needs, providing on-going access to vital prototyping equipment and workshop space that is flexible enough to deal with stock management to design work. Since joining in June 2011 Squease has gone from strength to strength.


Director of Squease, Sheraz Arif, accredits CEME Innovation Centre in this success, commenting “We have seen a signifi cant growth during our time at CEME, including development, production and sales. The centre has incredible facilities, including high-end prototyping equipment, which we just couldn’t find anywhere else in London. I can almost guarantee we wouldn’t have the same ideal mix of business support, easy access to crucial machinery and flexibility of space anywhere else.”


Gateway to Skills

CEME is helping to create the engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and business minds of the future, by inspiring the next generation. Gateway to Skills is an initiative promoting science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects to primary and secondary school children.

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“CEME is among the most exciting things I have seen going on in London for a long time.”

Boris Johnson
Mayor(then), London