Why are start-ups opting for hot desking?

As business trends revolutionise and work-life balances change, there is a growing need for flexible and affordable work space for many small businesses and start-ups. There has become a major shift in the requirement for easily accessible desk space that offers reliability and support. This has pushed the popularity of hot-desking as a large proportion of start-ups choose this over office space and here’s why:


To keep cash-flow available and overheads low, start-ups are looking for different approaches to their business models. Add to this calls for a better work-life balance and changing needs for desk space, hot-desking becomes an affordable option to many. The concept of paying a small monthly cost for a desk rather than paying more for space you rarely use is preferable. Hot-desking negates overhead costs of running an office including business rates, water and electricity, while offering a more inspiring place to complete work than at home.


The flexibility that comes with hot-desking office space means you can find a desk and utilise it whenever required. This is ideal for salesman on the road drumming up business, when you are starting out in business or if you do not work traditional 9-5 hours.  Hot-desking is preferable to paying rent on an office that potentially could stand empty for half the week. At the likes of CEME Launchpad Centre, you can take advantage of usable meeting spaces when required too, so your business has the feel of a much larger organisation when clients visit.


Ever found yourself hunting for a table big enough to set up your laptop, phone and notepad in your favourite café to be able to work? Hot-desking offers the reliability and stability of having large desk space whenever you need it. You also get the reliability of super-fast broadband and other facilities on hand that are looked after by the building, so you can just plug in and start working.

Business Support and Networking Opportunities

A major reason start-ups and smaller companies use hot-desking is because it offers business support and networking opportunities across a wide range of businesses. Having a broad spectrum of businesses working alongside you in an entrepreneurial environment gives you the chance to forge crucial partnerships and secure vital leads you would not get elsewhere. On site at the CEME Launchpad Centre, experts are on hand to provide guidance across every business aspect to make sure your business has the support it needs.

Hot-desking delivers an ability for start-ups to grow at their own speed without unnecessary overheads and here at the CEME Launchpad Centre we offer one month’s free hot-desking in Havering to let you test if it is for you.

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