AK Design Case Study

Success Stories: AK Design Partnership

AK Design Partnership LLP are a Surveying/Architectural Practice, established in 1986, and have been based here at CEME for the last 2 years. Whilst at CEME, AK Design have “employed three new members of staff, increasing their numbers to 12. They have attended various internal and external events enabling the company to thrive. One of the events they have attended is called “CeMEET”, it was at this event where they were introduced to one of their clients.

AK Design have recently implemented a succession plan to create a seamless handover in which David and Tom will continue as the new Partners, stepping up from their previous positions within the Practice.

They have received great support from the rest of their colleagues who have adapted well to the change. AK Design aim to grow, thrive and build of the successes of the last 33 years, when Mike and Keith ran the Practice. Mike and Keith now act as consultants for AK Design.

AK Design have made the decision to stay on at CEME as it is a “wonderful and more professional environment” compared to where they were based in previous years. This is due to the presentation of the environment and overall positive connotations which follow with CEME as an organisation.

AK Design informed us that many of their clients have also commented on how professional the CEME Campus looks when they have visited the new office. At CEME we deal with over 100 businesses across the campus, and AK Design recognise some of our clients as companies they have dealt with before. AK Design also explained that here at CEME, there is plenty of opportunities to obtain new clients.


"CEME provides a professional platform for businesses to flourish, with a campus environment which encourages company networking and inspires continued professional development"