Albatrans CEME case study

Albatrans - Global Logistics

Success Stories: Albatrans – Global Logistics

The Company

Albatrans was founded in 1993 with one office in Italy and roots in the world of fashion. Today they are one of the largest global logistics providers for the beverage sector and also a freight forwarding arm of the Wine and Spirits Shippers Association (WSSA).

The company was founded by Mr. Franco Ginepro, a veteran of the forwarding industry. Starting with one office in Italy, Albatrans strategically opened offices throughout Europe and North America, then Asia and Australia, followed by South America. They now have offices on 5 continents, and hundreds of employees worldwide, and continue to expand their network.
Their global logistics network, in-house IT department, local expertise, and proven customer service are the keys to their continued success.

The challenge

Although Albatrans had worldwide reach, and in the UK, an office based in Glasgow, Scotland for the export of whiskey, they held back from getting into the English market until 2011.
When they were finally ready to have a presence in England they hired Gary Coker (previously Commercial Director for Kuehne + Nagel) to start and lead the UK division – Albatrans London UK Ltd.

Gary needed to find somewhere suitable for their needs. Starting up as just a team of two, they needed a serviced office somewhere small to begin with but with the option to expand as they grew and increased their team.

Why Albatrans chose CEME

In charge of setting up the UK arm for Albatrans, Gary needed to find an office space that would require as little effort on his part as possible so he could concentrate on the running of the business.

Gary chose CEME over other office providers because CEME offered the perfect balance of all the elements they needed. CEME is an all-inclusive, fully-serviced offering, taking the hassle out of moving into an office and day-to-day office management. CEME’s fully-serviced offices include 24/7 access 365 days per year, fully serviced reception and mail handling, gigabit ready internet provision, I.T support, on-site parking, communal kitchens and bathrooms, access to business support masterclasses & networking events, access to on-site café and an on-site events space.

David Thomas, Albatrans’ current Managing Director (taking over from Gary who retired), explained that another key factor in Albatrans decision to choose CEME was for the flexibility CEME offered. CEME offers flexible 30-day rolling contracts which means new companies that are just trying to find their feet are not tied into long leases.

“One of the biggest things CEME gave us was the ability to control our costs, which is important for any business. If you’re sensible, when you set anything up, you try and fix as many variables as possible.”

Growth since CEME

Since joining CEME in 2011, Albatrans grew from a team of two to a team of ten. Expanding from having one office to two offices within CEME Campus. They also grew to £4 million in annual turnover.

They have now moved onto purchasing a longer leased office at a new venue, but say they would have liked to stay at CEME. Being at almost full capacity, CEME didn’t have an available office at the time to suit their new needs.

Albatrans London UK recently succeeded in getting a new account with Naked Wines, taking on their French distribution and they aim to double their size in terms of turnover and people over the next 5 years.

“When Gary and I had meetings preparing for the impact of covid-19. One of the things that enabled us to relax a little bit was knowing that we weren’t tied to expensive real estate. We could in the worst-case scenario, leave with 30 days notice, but we didn’t need to and we were really impressed with how CEME quickly handled the crisis onsite to make sure everyone felt comfortable and secure.”

“One of the biggest things CEME gave us was the ability to control our costs, which is important for any business. If you're sensible, when you set anything up, you try and fix as many variables as possible.”