Atelier-SM Case Study

Success Stories: Atelier-SM

How CEME gave one architect firm the professional image it needed to secure the big clients.


Atelier-SM (architects) ltd is an award-winning architectural firm based at CEME which is currently working on projects throughout Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire. The company has over 20 years’ experience working in the commercial, industrial and private residential sectors. Atelier-SM rented a start-up office at CEME in October 2011, and was immediately impressed by the professional image the centre gave his business. The on-site conferencing facilities were also very welcome, as they meant that meetings with clients and designers were run much more efficiently.

Company founder Steve Margett set up the firm from a studio at the side of his home in Hornchurch in the early 2000s.The setting gave him flexibility in terms of his working hours and meant he was able to avoid a long commute. However, as the business grew, the environment became less ideal. Since the move to CEME, the business has grown to include three full-time members of staff, and are now in an office which is double the size of the first one that was rented.

“With a range of other businesses on campus, CEME also offers excellent networking opportunities and the chance to learn from other companies. This is something that is fostered by the centre itself and is a benefit which has really grown over the two years I’ve been there. I’ve certainly been able to secure work with companies I wouldn’t have had exposure to otherwise.”