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Success Stories: Elutec – East London University Technical College

Elutec is a University Technical College (UTC) an exciting new education offer that delivers a technically-oriented educational curriculum to 14-19 year olds in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. UTCs are Department for Education (DfE) funded schools that offer students a wide range of contextualised learning with a strong emphasis on the importance of vocational skills woven into a high quality mainstream secondary educational provision.

CEME created and led a partnership with University College London and Ford that was successful in a bid to create a new University Technical College in East London. Elutec welcomed its first students to the CEME campus in 2014 pending the partnership securing £12 million of funding to develop a its own brand new facility a few miles from the main CEME Campus in East London. In addition to this CEME secured additional financial funding and expertise from the Jack Petchey Foundation and the McGrath trust to support this new project.

The vision in establishing CEME was to provide life changing opportunities to local young people with an interest in or passion for engineering and technology. To provide an inspirational environment and facilities that would be non selective in welcoming pupils of all abilities with an interest in product design and engineering to give them an opportunity to undertake learning projects with employers in a structured and effective way as they progress through the national curriculum.

Elutec today has around 200 students and is very proud ot say that 100% of students who have completed their studies have gone onto University (including Loughborough and Oxford Universities) or a recognised Apprenticeship scheme with local and national employers such as the Nationl Gridand. (Source: Elutec 2017)

CEME’s involvement in the creation of Elutec was instrumental and ranged from:

  • Initial recognition of a local skills shortage and lack of mechanism for addressing the future shortfall
  • Providing initial premises to locate and start a new college
  • Providing an existing operating function that could support the creation of a new entity, generate faster delivery times and put in place the appropriate governance, management and control mechanisms to underpin future operation.
  • Leading activity of the sourcing and securing of £11.8m of capital funding and leading the project delivery to build conclusion.
  • Ongoing support and governance of the future financial development and student acquisition strategy.