Quicklink Case Study

Success Stories: Quicklink


Quicklink is an owner operated business that functions in the Creative, Digital & IT sector (CDIT). They have three principle business activities; IT Consultancy (planning, management and testing), Software As A Service – SAAS (products developed in house for Banking and Financial Services) and a Digital Lab (new product development and implementation).

They are located in the Innovation Centre at CEME in Rainham, Essex, with three other offices in Bahrain, India and Ireland.

Quicklink was started in August 2011 and was initially home-based with occasional usage of a co-working space in the City of London. This proved inadequate therefore there was a need to find suitable premises that were in proximity to Canary Wharf and the City, but were close to the owners residence in Rainham. Quicklink moved into the Innovation Centre on the CEME campus in December 2011. At that time, they were ten employees turning over c£100,000 p.a with eight staff being off-site the majority of the time. Over the following six years as Quicklink expanded, they also increased threefold the size of their office space to accommodate the increasing numbers of staff.

Quicklink chose to locate their new business at CEME for a variety of reasons;


At that point, they did not consider or consume any of the business growth and support programme offered to them by CEME. This was largely due to early-stage business development flowing through quickly from previous contacts and network opportunities, therefore there did not seem to be an obvious need immediately.

However, as time passed, CEME Business Growth Director getting to know Quicklink, it became apparent that the owners could supplement their fast developing business with business growth and support services that were appropriate to Quicklink and its potential needs at its stage of development.


Quicklink progressively started to engage and make use of some elements. Over time, this increased substantially once the owners started to enjoy and feel the benefit of the tangible value the programme was adding to their business performance. Some examples of their assistance were; strategy and growth planning, reviewing service differentiation, pitching and winning business, securing finance and new business introductions.


The business support plan was able to assist Quicklink with some very specific and potentially business critical issues. Through knowledge and experience of the skilled Business Growth Director, along with wider signposting and Oxford Innovation network access, potential problems were averted, allowing the business to continue growing, givingconfidence and intellectual security to the owner, which were considered invaluable.


By December 2017 and having received six years of business mentoring, Quicklink had grown their business to 150 employees turning over £3.5m p.a., located in four offices across the globe. Local new jobs had ve been created and economic wealth and prosperity had been generated. Furthermore, Quicklink also implemented a local Apprenticeship Training Scheme within the company to support upskilling of existing and future employees, thereby contributing to the community within a nearby radius.


In conclusion, it is the firm belief of Quicklink that availability of the high-quality business growth and support programme, provided by CEME, has positively impacted their speed and scale of business growth, generated many new local jobs and given the company confident sustainability and opportunity to continue growing and exporting their goods and services.


The business growth and support programme is provided free of charge to all Innovation Centre tenant companies at CEME and is a clear differentiator in demonstrating that the CEME operating model creates business impact and growth potential and supports the creation of new jobs.








As a consequence of active, value-added business growth support whilst located at CEME, our business has grown from 10 employees to 150, and from just £100,000 to £3.5m today