The Launchpad Takes Off!

Success Stories: The Launchpad Takes Off!


In 2017, CEME created a brand new incubation centre offer to the businesses in East London. The new building is now the home for over 20 start-up businesses and tech entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

The London Plan 2016 highlighted Havering as a vital area for logistics, construction and technology. Havering is a deprived area in terms of affordable workspace and business support.

The Solution

CEME worked in partnership with Havering Council (LBH) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to bring this project and deliver the outcomes in the early years. This space was originally used as a nursery, but it was agreed that it was much better placed to be converted into an incubation centre.

The construction of the project completed in 2016 and CEME Launchpad Centre was opened in January 2017.

CEME Launchpad is not your run-in-the-mill business centre. The bespoke space fulfils the demand for affordable office space for start-up entrepreneurs as well as desk space for tech start-ups. CEME offers an all-inclusive licence fee for the space allowing start-up businesses to get on with what’s important, getting their business off the ground!

On top of this, an Innovation Manager was hired specifically to provide one-to-one business support to the resident businesses as well as others within the Havering and surrounding areas. A programme of business support and networking events was rolled-out with specialists educating business leaders in themes from sales and marketing courses to debt collection and from GDPR compliance to controlling cash-flow.

The Launchpad Centre quickly filled up with start-up tech entrepreneurs, engineering businesses and those based in innovative construction.

Success stories have been published for just some of our residents including first residents, managed service providers ITF Tech, start-up CAD design and draughting company VMR Draughting.  We are also incredibly proud to host a brand new sales and marketing platform which was developed Incyyte launched in 2019.


CEME Launchpad opening ceremony June 2017


Launchpad resident Inder Panesar, Managing Director of Mesh-net said:

“The flexibility of the office and workshop space at CEME has been invaluable. We’re not tied in to any long-term contract, so we can reduce our office space and therefore our operating costs very easily. This is especially important during times of business disruption. The networking opportunities at CEME have been really useful in growing our professional network as well as expanding our customer base and supply chain.”

Social value outcomes were monitored between 2017 and 2020. As part of this programme CEME Campus was able to help create a total of 44 full time jobs, safeguard 16 full time positions and support a total of 168 businesses through its dedicated business support programme and Innovation Manager. On top of this, CEME hosted 6 young entrepreneur events, engaging with a total of 111 young people from local schools with an aim of encouraging young people to consider a career in tech. 91% of those who attended were female and at the end of the event, 53% of the delegates agreed that they would consider a career in technology as a result of the intervention.


CEME continues to help to grow businesses on it’s Campus in Rainham, East London. In fact, after conducting a study in 2019, it has been proved that businesses grow almost 4x faster on CEME Campus compared to the UK national average. CEME is now home to over 110 businesses, many of which are start-up and tech-based businesses. Over 20 businesses are based in CEME Launchpad in an office or taking residence on one of the desk spaces.

CEME helps businesses to grow by offering affordable and flexible workspace. We support the businesses in CEME, Havering and the surrounding boroughs by running CEME-funded regular networking events such as CeMEET and East London Tech Circle. On top of this a selection of business support masterclasses, which are offered in line with our customer’s needs are held throughout the year. CEME is now firmly on the map as the centre for start-up technology in Havering and Greater London. The Campus continues to monitors job creations of CEME residents across the Campus. In 2020, over 50 jobs were created as businesses continue to grow.

One of many CeMEET networking events being held in CEME Launchpad Centre

We were really pleased with the outcomes of the Launchpad project, in particular the large number of local business’s supported both on and off the CEME campus through the business support programme. LBH worked closely with CEME on this and found them to be and honest and reliable partner throughout the programme delivery. It is particularly satisfying to see that CEME continued to support businesses and create jobs even after the project completed, delivering a sustainable legacy emanating from this 3 year project.