Why CEME?Providing an inspirational environment for learning and business growth

Because your business should grow faster at CEME, everything about CEME – from the campus, the infrastructure and services, the knowledge, the connectivity and networks – are all about supporting customers to grow their businesses faster. If you come to CEME we believe you are increasing the chances of accelerating your growth alongside other business with similar ambitions.

CEME is an East London-based regeneration charity that is a catalyst for economic growth within East London and the Thames Gateway.

Our passion and ambition is building further on the thriving science, engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors in the area. CEME does this by providing a range of high quality facilities and support services to SMEs, budding entrepreneurs and even multi-million pound international companies. Whatever your roots or the size of your business, at CEME we want to help you achieve accelerated business growth and scale.

As a customer you will benefit from exceptional facilities on a modern, world-class, business, skills and education campus, CEME is a thriving home of ambitious businesses growing fast in a professional environment. A professional environment that helps you to attract and retain staff, attract and retain customers, investors and backers.

CEME provides you with an inspirational environment for learning and business growth, the CEME campus makes skills, support and high quality office, training and workshop facilities accessible to companies looking to grow faster.

Position your Business to Succeed at CEME

CEME was established in 2003 to support ambitious business’s looking to grow faster. CEME also provides the facilities to support the development of the skills and attitudes needed by young people entering the workplace to support your business growth plans.

CEME’s vision is a thriving economy and over the past decade many CEME customers like you have been part of the growth and prosperity that is revolutionising London’s industrial and technological scene.

CEME wants businesses like yours to achieve growth that exceeds your wildest expectations. CEME is supporting customers every day in successfully managing through the challenges and opportunities of scaling up a business. CEME will work hard with you to deliver your growth ambitions, helping you to find and employ local people, to up-skill and develop staff to their full potential and deliver the results you are aiming for. Put simply, if your business succeeds, so do we, and so at CEME we create the ideal environment for you to realise your business potential.

Since 2008, the Government’s agenda has increasingly talked of the need to create a sustainable and prosperous science, engineering manufacturing and technology sector. At CEME, we have been doing this and building our knowledge, services and networks to serve these sectors since 2003. We know what we are doing, so you can grow your business faster.

We can offer:

  • Modern office space for any size of business with open, collaborative environment to foster business growth
  • Co-working space with single hot-desk and fixed-desk monthly packages from as little as £150+VAT per month
  • High specification classrooms and training accommodation for training and education providers, large or small
  • Fully-equipped workshop facilities for technical training, apprenticeships or adult learning
  • Innovation Centre and Launchpad Centre with flexible accommodation for small businesses in the technology sector
  • Business support services to accelerate the growth of start-ups and SME’s
  • Authority on science, innovation and skills park developments in areas of regeneration
  • Conference Centre meeting rooms, event and exhibition space open to all
  • In-house expertise in coaching and mentoring of businesses on the campus, in London Riverside and The Thames Gateway
  • Ideally-located technology demonstration site for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles with a Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) and Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Points on campus
  • Gateway to Skills outreach programmes to engage young people in design and technology from local schools.

So if you are in the science, engineering, manufacturing or technology sectors and want to grow your business or enterprise faster in East London’s industrial heartland, we have a commercial space for you. Join the CEME community and accelerate the growth of your company, become part of an exciting business community and be part of something big – the regeneration of an entire area.

Want to find out more about bringing your business to CEME? Talk to Sebastian Coombs on 020 8596 5192, email seb.coombs@ceme.co.uk or fill in our contact form.

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CEME Location

When it comes to location, CEME couldn’t be better placed. With a prime East London position within the Thames Gateway, the campus is nestled by the side of the A13 in Rainham. By road the campus is close to Canary Wharf, City Airport and the M25. It is also accessible by public transport, you can pick up local bus services from the campus itself and there are underground and national rail stations near by. CEME offers exceptional links for London, Essex and beyond.

The CEME Values

You may have guessed that CEME isn’t your run of the mill landlord, science park or business centre. The whole campus has a unique, vibrant feel and atmosphere. It’s all due to the values that everyone at CEME embraces, so that the campus really delivers on an inspirational environment for learning and business growth. 


CEME is passionate about first impressions. The impact and importance of the CEME environment in cultivating success for our customers is paramount to us. We try hard to be immaculate in the presentation of the CEME campus, our facilities and our staff at all times.

Exceeding Expectations     

CEME aims to impress all of our customers with the service they receive from our staff. We will always try our best to be clear on what we promise to our customers and try even harder to exceed our customers’ expectations of that promise.

Positive Attitude

At CEME we embrace enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, eagerness for improvement and constructive intent at all times. We strive to employ and work with optimistic colleagues, who use positive language and have a positive outlook.

CEME Facts

Do you still want to know a little more about what makes CEME tick? Since our inception we have worked with local businesses to:

  • Create over 3,000 jobs
  • Deliver over 500,000 training delegate days
  • Incubate over 400 businesses
  • Hold over 10,000 events
  • Become a financially self-supporting organisation
  • Been a catalyst for economic growth within East London and the Thames Gateway 

Want to know more?

Don’t forget to check out our CEME history page, our CEME campus page and CEME community section to get a better feel for all things CEME.

You can also book a tour or get in touch direct via our contact page.

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The CEME Campus

A hidden gem within the industrial landscape, the CEME campus offers a haven for training and education to manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses. Purpose built on a 19 acre site in Rainham, East London, the campus has everything your business needs to develop and thrive.

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“CEME is a gem of a business campus just off the A13 – their offices and facilities are first class and we were delighted with our 6,500 sq ft unit.”

Kevin Wotherspoon
Operations Director, Barratt Homes